Huawei Honor 10 User Guide Manual Tips Tricks Download

Huawei Honor 10 User Guide Manual Tips Tricks Download In this post I am posting a link of PDF file that will help you to use Huawei Honor 10 in this PDF Guide all tips and tricks are mentioned so that a user can easily use Huawei Honor 10 smartphone. You can find guide lines how to operate and use Huawei Honor 10 phone.

The Honor View 10 is similar to other phones in late 2017 or early 2018. There is only a thin border band around the screen; Like her rivals, Honor has pressed for less lost space.

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It is almost the only way to make a phone with a 6-inch screen do not demand extra-wide pockets. However, Honor has not tried to hide what small fragments of surround sound exist. They are ultra-bright blue in the model we review, looking like the end of the excellent Honor 9 last year.

The later design of the View 10 is totally different, more conservative and pragmatic than some of the most expensive rivals of this phone. Its back is made of aluminum and, unlike the old metal iPhones, the sides and back are separate parts.

While there are some attractive bevels on the edges of the side, you can imagine that this style could have been used to reduce production costs.

Today's phone material is also glass, instead of metal. The iPhone X uses it, like the Samsung Galaxy S8, with aluminum seen by some as "mid-range". This is a slightly ridiculous idea, but those obsessed with being in the trend may disagree.

The Honor View 10 is extremely thin, however. With a thickness of 7 mm, it is thinner than the iPhone X or the Galaxy S8. It's so thin, you have to ask yourself: why?

An additional piece of 0.7-0.8 mm would not damage the design of the View 10 much, and would allow a larger battery and avoid the double-lens lenses that protrude from the back, since they look like a pair of Minion ™ glasses

However, as the colored aluminum on the back is surely going to be damaged earlier than anything else, you may want to consider a case anyway. And all our criticisms are objections. The Honor View 10 is an attractive and well-made phone, and its competitive price, the OnePlus 5T also uses aluminum in its back.

Like the Honor 9, the View 10 has a fingerprint scanner on the front, and it's fantastic: it's so fast you can barely believe it's scanning your finger, and it's a pleasure to use it.

Access the Settings menu and you can also use the scanner to replace the home keys on the screen. However, we would not recommend this to most, since the thin envelope design leaves practically no breathing space between the scanner and the screen.

Look on the Honor website and you will see that it promises Facial Unlocking as a function of Vista 10, but it is not here yet, but it has been promised as a software update. What we have for now is something quite unusual. You can show your face geometry to the phone and it will erase the notification details on the lock screen until you recognize your face with the front camera.

This is a clear idea, a less critical way of implementing simpler face recognition than the iPhone X, although it has been difficult to recognize faces in dim lighting inside or under high contrast lighting. And you can not see your notifications unless you look at the screen inactive.

One of the few obvious hardware sacrifices of View 10 is the water resistance. The phone has no official resistance to water, although we expect there to be a degree of protection against water in the cargo port. However, it is worth noting that the Huawei Mate 10, a similar but much more expensive phone, also lacks water resistance.

There are also some ways we are happy that View 10 has not followed the fashion flagship public. There is a headphone jack where several of the more expensive phones have rejected them (without any obvious benefit) and, despite the fact that the phone has a large 128GB storage, you can add a microSD card; the SIM tray has a slot for one.

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